Fanzter Referral Program Terms.

Modelzines, Inc., which we call “we,” “us,” or “Fanzter,” has a referral program. This program lets current Creators invite new people to join as Creators, and in return, they get a payment called a “Referral Fee.” The details about how these payments are calculated and their limits are explained in the Referral Program Terms.

These terms are a part of, and add to, the main Terms of Use for Creators, and they apply to anyone who joins or uses the Referral Program.

However, this program isn’t allowed everywhere—it’s not valid where the law says so.

Here’s a simple explanation of the terms used in the Referral Program:

Definitions: The terms used in the Referral Program have the same meanings as those in the main Terms of Use for Creators. Here are a few specific terms that are important to know:

a. Referral Code – This is the unique name you pick when you set up your account. It links to your Creator Account.
b. Referring Creator – This is you, if you are the Creator who tells another potential creator about the program.
c. Referred Creator – This is the person who starts or upgrades their account to a Creator level using a Referral Code.

Here’s how you’ll get paid through the referral program:

How Payments are Calculated:

Once the person you referred becomes a verified Creator and follows all the rules of the program, you’ll start earning a Referral Fee. You’ll get 5% of the total money they make after they become a registered Creator, as long as their account is active. This continues forever unless their account is closed or deleted. Additionally, if your referred Creator goes on to refer someone else, you’ll earn 1% of the earnings from that second tier of referrals. Plus when you refer a member you Earn 1% commission on everything the customer spends on Fanzter

A Simple Example:

Let’s say the Creator you referred makes $100,000 in a year after using your Referral Code. Your Referral Fee for that would be $5,000. And if the person they referred also makes $100,000 in a year, you would get an additional $2,000 from their earnings.

For more details on how earnings are calculated, contact our support team.

How you get paid and handle taxes through the referral program:

Transferring Your Earnings:

We’ll transfer your Referral Fee payments directly into your Fanzter account. This usually happens within XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX [add correct details] XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX after the earnings from your referred Creator are confirmed and ready.

Handling Taxes:

    • -It’s a good idea to talk to a tax professional to make sure you’re following the tax rules based on your own situation.
    • You are responsible for handling your own taxes. Fanzter isn’t liable for any taxes you or any Creators fail to pay.
    • If we find out you’re not complying with tax laws, we might have to close your Fanzter account.
      Keep these points in mind to make sure you manage your payments and taxes correctly!

Here’s a breakdown of the rules for the Referral Program in simpler terms:

    1. Who Can Join: Only active Creators can participate. If your account is suspended, terminated, or deleted, you’re out of the program.
    2. Eligibility of the Referred Creator: Anyone you refer must meet the requirements laid out in the main Terms of Use for Creators. This includes being from a supported country and being at least 18 years old. If the person you refer doesn’t meet these criteria, we can reject your referral.
    3. Earnings from Multiple Accounts: If your referred Creator sets up more than one Creator Account, you’ll only get a Referral Fee from the earnings of their first account. No fees will be paid on any additional accounts they might create.
    4. Who Qualifies for a Referral Fee: You won’t get a Referral Fee if the person you refer is currently a Creator, has been one before, or is based in XXXXXXXXXXXX or XXXXXXXXXXXX.
    5. Sharing Your Referral Code: You can share your Referral Code with potential new Creators whenever you want, as long as you follow the platform’s rules. Don’t pretend to be Fanzter or mislead people into thinking Fanzter is endorsing your referral. Also, don’t use platforms like Google Ads to spread your code. If we ask, you’ll need to tell us how you’ve been sharing your code.
    6. Selling Your Code: You can’t sell your Referral Code. Doing so will break the program’s rules.
      Using the Referral Code: To get credit for a referral, the new Creator must use your Referral Code when they sign up. If they don’t use your code, you won’t get the Referral Fee.
    7. One Account Rule Reiterated: Just to restate, if the referred Creator opens more than one account, you’ll only earn a Referral Fee from the first account they set up. Any earnings from additional accounts won’t count towards your Referral Fee.

When you’re promoting Fanzter, here are some important dos and don’ts:

    • Be Honest: Don’t mislead people about Fanzter or the services and content it offers. Always stick to the truth.
    • Keep it Clean: Don’t claim that Fanzter supports any harmful or illegal activities like human trafficking, sex trafficking, child exploitation, or physical abuse.
    • Stay Legal with Content: Don’t use illegal adult content to attract new Creators to Fanzter.
    • No False Promises: Don’t tell potential Creators they’ll definitely make a certain amount of money or gain a specific number of followers or views on Fanzter.
    • Watch Your Keywords: Don’t buy or use the name “Fanzter,” variations of it, or anything that suggests it’s the official site, in any online ads or search engines.
    • No Questionable Sites: Don’t promote Fanzter on any site that features adult content or anything that’s pornographic or explicitly sexual.
    • Remember Your Role: You’re an independent contractor, not an employee or partner of Fanzter. You don’t have the power to make deals or speak on behalf of Fanzter.
    • Follow the Law: Make sure all your promotional activities are legal. This includes obeying laws about email marketing, consumer protection, and data privacy. If you’re in the US, follow the Federal Trade Commission’s rules about endorsements and testimonials.
    • Avoid Conflicts: Don’t use the Fanzter name connected to any similar or competing service, and don’t register any domain names that are too close to “Fanzter.”
    • Report Your Earnings: You must report any payments you receive from Fanzter to your local tax authority.
    • Cover Your Bases: You need to handle any legal claims or losses that come from breaking these rules.

By sticking to these guidelines, you’ll help maintain a trustworthy and effective promotion of Fanzter.

Understand our rights related to the Referral Program:

Our Rights:

Getting Back Overpayments: If we ever pay out Referral Fees by mistake, we have the right to get those incorrect payments back from the person who received them.

Verification Requirements: We might ask you or your referred Creators to provide some identification and other details we need to make sure we’re paying the right person the right amount. If you can’t or don’t provide this information when we ask for it, you might lose your right to those Referral Fees.

Changes to the Program: We can change parts of the Referral Program or stop it altogether at any time. If we do make changes or end the program, we’ll let you know in advance. Don’t worry, any changes won’t affect the Referral Fees you’ve already earned before those changes were made.

When We Might Withhold Your Referral Fee Payments:

If You Break the Rules: If we think you’ve broken the rules laid out in the Terms of Use for Creators seriously or more than once, we might hold onto all or part of the Referral Fee payments we owe you.

If Your Actions Could Hurt Us or Others: If you do something or threaten to do something that could really hurt us or other users, like causing financial losses, we might also withhold your payments.

If There’s Illegal Activity: If we suspect that the money you earned might come from illegal activities, whether it’s something you did, the person who paid, or the Creator you referred, we’ll need to hold back those payments.

What Happens Next:

We’ll hold onto the fees while we look into any rule-breaking or illegal activities. If our investigation shows that you did break the rules seriously or repeatedly, threatened serious harm, or earned fees from illegal activities, we might decide that you won’t get those withheld payments at all.
Our Responsibility:

We’re not responsible for not paying you if it turns out we have a good reason to withhold or take away your payment as allowed by the referral program terms.

Paying What’s Owed If You’re Cleared:

If part of the money we held back isn’t related to any rule-breaking or illegal activities, we’ll go ahead and pay you that part. However, if your actions caused us to lose money, we might keep all or part of what we owe you to cover our losses.

This is just how we handle things to make sure everything stays fair and legal.